30 years of Pikkori Sport - video compilation

Morten Jørgen Heilmann

Founder and CEO - talks about Pikkori's 30th anniversary activities.

Viola - 30th Anniversary Video Series

" All sales under these videos are no longer available"

Follow Viola's misadventures and her fun lifestyle on Pikkori Sport.

Part 1 - Viola sets up a tent and gets ready for a good night's sleep :)

Selected products:

Tufted Pajamas, Point 6 socks, Penguin tent and sleeping bag and Photo Solar night lamp.

Part 2 - Viola is woken up from her beauty sleep by Erni, a funny situation for Viola.

Selected products:

Penguin tent

Part 3 - Viola gets ready to leave her tent and pack for the day. :)

Selected products:

Inov8 shoes

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