Icefighter (M) - pikkorisport
Icefighter (M) - pikkorisport
Icefighter (M) - pikkorisport
Icefighter (M) - pikkorisport

Icefighter (M)

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Color:Black/Grey - 75850
Size:(11) Size 42


An extreme thermal boot for the most extreme conditions - the Icefighter was built to withstand the cold and keep feet warm down to an incredible -40 °C. This tall thermal boot combines high-quality, lightweight and insulating polyurethane called Elastopan® with an ultra-warm wool and polyester lining. Elastopan® is 100 percent PVC-free and contains millions of tiny air bubbles, providing 2.5 times more insulation than normal PU boots while being twice as durable. The sole is extra thick and provides good insulation and grip on ice and snow. These boots have a Nordic cold climate last, which is wider, with more space in the toe area, as narrow feet can lead to frostbite. The Icefighter is great for snowmobiling, ice fishing, shoveling the driveway - any activity where you encounter the deepest snow and coldest temperatures.

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