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Pocket Knife Damascus Snake Wood

Pocket Knife Damascus Snake Wood

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256 layer Damascus steel composed of 16 alternating folds of carbon steel (soft and sharp) and stainless steel (robust and practically impervious to oxidation). This steel is folded on itself 16 times during the forging process. An acid treatment then reveals the characteristic lines and patterns of Damascus steel.

Snakewood is a fine precious wood from the Moraceae family. Also known as ‘letter’, ‘speckled’ or ‘leopard’ wood, it belongs to the species of tigerwood in hues of dense brown-red, exalted as much for its incredible resilience as for its beautiful colour. A unique characteristic, it is so dense it is one of the rare woods that does not float! Its robustness and natural elegance make it an ideal wood species to adorn the handle of this exceptional piece of cutlery.
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