The history of Pikkori Sport

By Toke Brødsgaard and the editors at Nuuk Ugeavis

Work up

The business had its infancy when Morten Jørgen opened the shop in a small room in the old Windsted at Bror og Søster. The selection in the shop was then six bikes, which were sold quite quickly. The sale of these gave the economy the opportunity to buy more and step by step the supply and inventory grew. In the beginning it was the bicycles that were the focal point, but right from the start the strategy was that the business should accommodate more than that.

Gathering point for the young people

Quite a few years after the start-up, the business moved to a house near the old Kamik, where the Nuuk Center is located today. The shop became a place where young people met, fiddled with their mountain bikes and organized joint training. The square in front of the store with a test track for the bikes functioned as the Nuuk Playground of the time.
At the time, Morten Jørgen was himself an elite athlete in cross-country skiing and participated in international competitions and was at a training camp in Norway for longer periods. He was and still is a role model for Nuuk's youth.

Bicycles have always played a big role in the Pikkori Sports selection.

Always the latest trends

One of the reasons why the business is successful and popular among young people is that there has always been an energetic and passionate staff who focus on service and put the customer at the center. In addition, the range is constantly evolving, and the business has managed to spot all the new trends in bicycles, skiing and outdoor clothing. The business has dared to throw itself into new ideas and has an eye for the "wild" in, for example, skiing, where the business is currently focusing heavily on randonee off-piste skis and splitboards.

An asset to the local community

One of Morten Jørgen's clear goals with the business is also to be an asset for Nuuk. Over the years, there has been a sea of ​​students and employees in job training. He has a clear goal to help raise the service level of the clerks in the city and equip the young people to be able to keep up with and face the global world that awaits.

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