Who and what is Pikkori Sport?

In the heart of Nuuk, nestled among the snowy mountains, is Pikkori Sport, a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts. Known for its selection of top brands such as Arcteryx, the store offers equipment suited to Greenland's harsh terrain. From durable jackets to solid boots, Pikkori Sport equips adventurers for unforgettable journeys in the middle of Greenland's breathtaking landscapes.

We love nature!

In Pikkori, we thrive on the best for nature and the best for you!

Our mission is to continue to support a healthy life and a healthy environment, we ensure that our products are biodegradable, organic, natural and without chemicals. Yes, we are talking about clothes :)

Our vision is to create a better lifestyle where you can enjoy the weather forecast and nature around you. Be out there, do fun things and protect life!

See you out there 😉

We are Pikkori!

Pikkori Sport was born on May 6, 1992, as a specialized sports shop with only a few bikes to sell. Today, Pikkori Sport has more than 500 brands from Sport to Outdoor. There is still a lot of life in Pikkori Sport, and there are always new and more demanding measures on the way. We will keep the focus on healthy activities and active outdoor life .

"We have had around 200 young local employees who have helped shape the healthy lifestyle in Greenland. I am happy and proud of what we have done together for the past 30 years" - Morten Heilmann, Founder and CEO of Pikkori Sport

Meet our Pikkori family

  • Morten Jørgen Heilmann

    Founder and CEO. Since 1992 established Pikkori Sport.

    A visionary entrepreneur, passionate about nature.

  • Karen Margrethe Gadegaard


  • Ari Gudbrand Petersen

    Store manager and sales manager

  • Lars Emil Martinsen


  • Veerti Schimdt


  • Knud Kleist

    Chief bicycle mechanic

  • Ulunnguaq J Rosbach

    Youth worker

  • Malte Andersen

    Complaints and Back office

  • Ludwig Faber

    Support seller

  • Ella Faber

    Youth worker

  • Gert-Villads Kristoffersen


  • Jørgen Therkelsen


  • Viktor Egede Philbert

    Youth worker

  • Christian Viberg

    Youth worker

  • Lucas Lyng


  • Max Kvist

    Youth worker