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By Toke Brødsgaard and the editors of Nuuk Ugeavis

3,000 trainings and events

Throughout the 30 years, Pikkori has been responsible for countless trainings and events. Among the biggest successes are events such as Kangnu, which started up under the name Pikkori Ultra Challenge and Maaji Nuan, which started up as Make Maj Sund. The reason why Morten Jørgen had to resign from Gør Maj Sund was that the whole coordination was too time-consuming, and it affected the business.

Bestseller of them all

The selection in the store is enormous and there is everything from head to toe in sports equipment. However, one item has sold far more than anything else. It is the Arcteryx Atom, the LT jacket, which is available in different color variants. This jacket alone has sold over 3,000 pieces over the years at Pikkori Sport. Almost everyone who buys it will also want to have a Pikkori label put on the jacket, which can also be bought in the store. Morten Jørgen is very happy that the Pikkori brand means so much to so many people that they like to sign it.

The Arcteryx Atom LT jacket is Pikkori Sports' bestseller. Pikkori Sport has sold more than 3,000 units. of this particular jacket that Morten Jørgen calls Greenland's outdoor national costume. Ass./Photo: Toke Brødsgaard

Greatest experiences

For Morten Jørgen, being able to have such a decisive influence on people in Nuuk has meant that he has become more active with healthy activities. These moments mattered the most throughout Pikkori's history. There are of course individual events, such as when Crown Prince Frederik came to Maaji Nuan and gave a high five to a large number of children and young people in connection with Do Maj Sund, that stand out, but otherwise there are many small moments that have been imprinted as something very special with Morten Jørgen.

The future of Pikkori

There is still a lot of life in Pikkori Sport, and there are new measures on the way, just as the finger is always on the pulse of what is happening and what the customers are asking for. The focus will continue to be on healthy activities and active outdoor life. Over the years, Morten Jørgen has also been a sparring partner for a number of entrepreneurs, and he hopes to continue to be able to do so in the future, as he sees the importance of getting the young people involved and creating life in Nuuk.

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