5400 Series

5400 Series

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Size:145 cm


YOKO 5400 roller ski poles (40% carbon)

YOKO 5400 Roller ski pole with 40% carbon and 60% fiberglass made for roller skiing and cross-skating.

Product details YOKO 5400 Roller ski poles:

material: 40% carbon, 60% fiberglass
sizes: 135 cm – 175 cm (5 cm range)
handle: Yoko race cork with clip system
strap: Yoko race loops with clip system
casings: 10mm videa roller skis
colour: black/pink

The right rod size:

roller skate: body height (in cm) x 0.91 = size (in cm)
roller ski classic: body height (in cm) x 0.86 = size (in cm)
cross-skating / cross-rollerskating skate: body height (in cm) x 0.92 = size (in cm)
cross roller ski classic: body height (in cm) x 0.87 = size (in cm)
xc-ski skate body height (in cm) x 0.90 = size (in cm)
xc-skiing classic: body height (in cm) x 0.85 = size (in cm)
To find the right rods for medium sizes, round up

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