Amplecta Predator Dynamic - pikkorisport
Amplecta Predator Dynamic - pikkorisport
Amplecta Predator Dynamic - pikkorisport
Amplecta Predator Dynamic - pikkorisport

Amplecta Predator Dynamic

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Predator Dynamic mosquito hunter with scent that attracts the most common mosquitoes. The mosquito trap drastically reduces the mosquito population.

With a mosquito trap, you invest in a mosquito-free environment. In time, you will win the battle against the mosquitoes. Being able to be outside and no longer bothered by pesky insects is worth a lot.

Different kinds of mosquitoes are attracted by several scents, the substances that attract mosquitoes best are octanol. This mosquito repellent pack contains the black scent that contains only pure octanol. It is this scent that, according to our tests and our customers' experience, has attracted mosquitoes the best.

The mosquito trap with several catching and attracting methods
Predator Dynamic is a mosquito trap that catches mosquitoes in two ways: they are sucked into a trap basket or stuck on a sticky paper.
This mosquito killer attracts mosquitoes by simulating a human, partly with carbon dioxide, which is like our breath and certain scents that we emit. For this mosquito machine, it fits three different scented lures: black - best suited for mosquitoes, green - suitable for mosquitoes and midges, red - best suited for tropical mosquito species, e.g. flood resistant and also against warmer climates (Asia and Southern Europe).

The mosquito killer with Swedish design and quality
Predator Dynamic is a cordless mosquito killer for you who want to reduce pollution and have major mosquito problems. Predator Dynamic is based on proven technology that has been further developed for maximum efficiency. The Swedish team behind Predator Dynamic has designed a reliable and effective mosquito trap.

Swedish technology, development, research and design.
Easy to assemble and start
Tilt protection. Should it tip over, the machine switches off.
Catches mosquitoes around the clock in a 360 degree direction.
Adjustable in height, three different heights on the stand. Mosquito - lower stand, midges - higher stand.
Radically reduces the local population of mosquitoes over an area of ​​up to 5000m2.
Catches immediately and you notice a difference already after a week, after 4-6 weeks the stock is drastically reduced
1 black octanol tablet (lasts approx. 30 days)
1 adhesive paper
The details that make a difference
Rapid Action Sticky Paper
Specially designed self-adhesive paper catches the insects that are not sucked into the trap basket. The insects are attracted to the paper, which consists of white and black stripes. Here you can sometimes get insects that are not sucked into the machine, e.g. brakes and flies, although a throttle is not a "brake and fly"

Multi Scent system with Rapid Action
You can optimize the mosquito hunt depending on what kind of mosquito spices you have
Black, original scent - best suited for mosquitoes.
Green – this one has a bit more lactic acid in it which has been shown to be good for mosquitoes and gnats. This fragrance is chosen by most customers.
Red - this is good for new species such as flood gnats, tiger gnats and others. Also suitable in warmer climates.

Extra large collection basket, possibility to add water for optimization
The large collection basket minimizes emptying maintenance as it does not need to be emptied very often. Here you can have a little water with a drop of detergent (not citrus), which removes the surface tension. Mosquitoes, mosquitoes and gnats recognize the moisture and are attracted. In the container, you can try putting something sweet, for example juice, sugar or honey - try what suits you best.
Easy to place without tripping over cables in the garden.
User-friendly design
Quick and easy assembly - no tools required
Gas powered engine
Drives vacuum fan and UV lamps and generates heat to simulate skin temperature. A standard AA battery is required to start the machine.
CE marked and childproof
Robust, stable and tipped safe construction

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