BBB Dicstop Brake Pads

BBB Dicstop Brake Pads

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Brake pads for several Shimano and Tektro disc brakes

The BBB Discstop BBS-52 is a pair of brake pads designed to fit Shimano and Tektro disc brakes. The brake pads come with an organic compound brake surface that has optimal performance at lower temperatures. It is therefore recommended to use the brake pads on bicycles that primarily ride longer trips and where the brakes are not used that often.

Remember to aim brake pads in time

If the brake pads in your disc brakes need to be replaced, the BBB Discstop BBS-52 brake pads are a fine choice for you. The brake pads work well as a replacement for the original brake pads, and with them you are sure that you can set off on the bike with top-notch braking performance. Remove the old or broken brake pads and replace them with your new BBB Discstop BBS-52 brake pads in the brake caliper. Please also note that the blue BBB brake pads may only be used with stainless steel disc brakes.

Good properties of these brake pads

  • Brake pads for disc brakes
  • With organic compound brake surface
  • Ideal for longer drives
  • May only be used with stainless steel disc brakes
  • Model: BBS-52

Compatible with the following brakes

- Shimano Deore M575, M525, M515, M495, M486, M485, M475, M466, M465, M447, M446, M445, M416, M415, M395, M375, Nexave C501/C601, RST D-power
- Tektro Aquila, Draco, Auriga, Gemini, Orion, Dorado, HDC, TRP Hylex, HYRD, Spyre and Giant MPH Root

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