C3 Long Tight (U) - pikkorisport
C3 Long Tight (U) - pikkorisport
C3 Long Tight (U) - pikkorisport
C3 Long Tight (U) - pikkorisport

C3 Long Tight (U)

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Our classic all-round tights for both men and women. Durable training partner on the colder days, especially in spring and autumn. Also used a lot for indoor relaxation.

A well-tested timeless design, which stores 15 years of development and hard-wearing use, ensures you a pair of tights that will last for both training, competition and the washing machine for many years to come.

Pleasantly comfortable: Our special C3 material ensures fast and good sweat transport, so you never get cold and damp, neither during nor after activity.

Optimum fit: Your tights stay where they should while you're at work, because we're circular knitted and have a high content of powerfit elastane, which also makes annoying zips unnecessary.

Has wide hip elastic with adjustable cord and the functional FUSION pockets that keep the contents close to the body without hindering the movement pattern. Discreet but safe 3M reflective bands on the lower legs ensure you 360 degree visibility in the dark hours.

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