Cutlery Set 12h34
Cutlery Set 12h34
Cutlery Set 12h34
Cutlery Set 12h34

Cutlery Set 12h34

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Compact, durable, elegant, Akinod 12H34 cutlery proves to be an invaluable everyday tool to accompany your nomadic meals, on the roof of the world or a park bench, cross-legged on the floor, leaning against a table corner or sitting comfortably at your desk.

With magnets, the knife, spoon and fork come together for easy storage. Freestanding, this cutlery offers unparalleled comfort.

In a variety of designs and materials, Akinod 12H34 cutlery is available to match your mood and preferences.

Akinod: It's not where you eat, but how

Ebony is valued for its robustness and is adorned with a smooth and intense colour, which gives Akinod cutlery a decidedly modern look. The robust Akinod is easy to take with you to any kind of lunch.

Cutlery in martensitic stainless steel 2CR14, polished mirror finish. Akinod 12H34 magnetic cutlery set ebony consists of a large spoon, a 4-pronged fork and a knife with a micro-serrated blade. Handle in ebony wood. Magnetic assembly.

Thickness when closed (cm) 1.80 Product length when closed (cm) 18.00 Width when closed (cm) 3.30

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