Expedition Max Mosquito 50ml - pikkorisport
Expedition Max Mosquito 50ml - pikkorisport
Expedition Max Mosquito 50ml - pikkorisport
Expedition Max Mosquito 50ml - pikkorisport

Expedition Max Mosquito 50ml

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With a revolutionary new formula, Expedition MAX DEET Mosquito Repellent has been developed to replace Expedition 100+ Insect Repellent, but with half the amount of DEET. It combines the proven performance of 50% DEET with unique DermaLOC® technology that locks the repellent onto the surface of the skin to provide long-lasting protection against malarial and non-malarial mosquitoes.

Expedition MAX can be applied several times a day to provide around-the-clock protection. It can also be applied to larger areas of exposed skin (eg wearing shorts and a t-shirt), unlike many other high strength repellents on the market. This makes it practical in real-world conditions, especially in warmer climates.

A high-strength DEET repellent that includes an effective bite deterrent and DermaLOC® technology for long-lasting protection.

Ideal for extreme tropical conditions and family travel
Contains 50% DEET (strength recommended by WHO)
Clinically tested against malaria and non-malaria mosquitoes
Durable aluminum bottle with leak-proof pump spray
Available in 25 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml sizes

Our unique DermaLOC® technology locks the repellent on the surface of the skin to minimize absorption and form a lasting protective layer. Effective for up to 8 hours per application.

In addition to DEET, Expedition MAX contains Chrysanthemum Cinerariaefolium Extract, which works as a bite repellant to prevent any insects that land on the skin from biting.

24 hour icon
All day protection - Provides 24 hours total daily protection against malaria mosquitoes. Based on 3 applications

Multiple application icon
Apply multiple times - The alcohol-free formula can be applied multiple times - even when wearing shorts and a t-shirt

Suitable for children icon
Suitable for children - 2 years and above. Ideal for protecting the whole family in high-risk areas

Water and sweat resistant icon
Water and sweat resistant - Ideal for use in tropical and humid conditions or during periods of high activity

Hand luggage compatible icon
Carry-on Compliant - Non-flammable and available in 3 sizes - all of which are airline friendly

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