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Frisport 6000 Large Oven

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Size:Lavvo/tent stove


Frisport 6000 Large Stove is a massive wood-burning stove for use in lavvo, year-round tents and smaller cabins. The oven is made of stainless steel and has a heating effect of 6500 Watt. It is equipped with a carrying handle, extendable legs and a tube that is stored inside the combustion chamber for easy transport. Total weight is 14.9 kg.

Heating in the oven must only be done with dry wood that is adapted to the length of the firebox. Make sure each pipe is properly secured to prevent smoke from seeping out of the pipe. Good air circulation and dry wood are important for clean combustion. Adjust the air intake in the door and the pipe air damper to regulate the flame. The ovens must be placed on a refractory surface.

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