FuelCell SuperComp Trainer (M)
FuelCell SuperComp Trainer (M)
FuelCell SuperComp Trainer (M)
FuelCell SuperComp Trainer (M)
FuelCell SuperComp Trainer (M)
FuelCell SuperComp Trainer (M)

FuelCell SuperComp Trainer (M)

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Color:Vibrant Spring Glo
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Bigger isn't always better, but when it comes to midsoles on running shoes, there might be something to it.

New Balance's brand new FuelCell SuperComp Trainer for men has a midsole height of 47mm. This makes room for even more shock absorption and a more responsive suspension. 

The midsole is in New Balance's very light midsole material FuelCell, and in this shoe two layers of Fuelcell are made, and between these layers, there is a carbon plate. 

The sole is built with a groove under the shoe that helps to provide a springier experience. When the shoe is pressed down against the surface, the groove expands, and when the pressure is relieved again, the groove gathers again, and this gives a buoyancy in your launch. 

The carbon plate in the shoe is constructed in a slightly different way than New Balance's previous models (e.g. FuelCell TC and RC Elite V2 ). The plate in this shoe is designed in a convex shape, which is pressed flat when you press the foot against the surface, and explodes back to its convex shape in the heel.
These two designs, with the convex carbon plate and the large groove in the sole, call New Balance: EnergyArc technology.

The New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainer takes over New Balance's popular FuelCell TC model this season. If you've loved the FuelCell TC, this new shoe is the one you should take a look at. The SuperComp Trainer has the ability to store and return 40% more energy than the FuelCell TC.

The upper part is made of a light and highly breathable mesh material. It has a little more padding than you know from the lighter racing shoes, but the breathability and comfort are still top notch. The heel cap is designed to surround the foot well, so that the shoes do not move when you run.

The New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainer is part of New Balance's new series Top Performance series. The series consists of 3 models, where the Supercomp Pacer is the lightest shoe for mainly short distances, the SuperComp Elite Racer is the legal race shoe for the long competitions and the SuperComp Trainer is the training shoe with maximum shock absorption. All the shoes in the series have a FuelCell midsole and a carbon plate. 

If you are looking for a really good and fun training shoe, then the New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainer is a really good bet.

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