Glide Wax Line - Gliders, 6x100g
Glide Wax Line - Gliders, 6x100g
Glide Wax Line - Gliders, 6x100g
Glide Wax Line - Gliders, 6x100g

Glide Wax Line - Gliders, 6x100g

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Color:(01) Blue
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The king of gliders! The legendary Rex Blue is one of the best value non-fluorinated gliders in the world. Unbeatable choice for foundation growth and training. Often the best solution for a recreational runner.

Combining fluoride paste with liquid gliding wax is a smart way to make the skis extremely smooth and sensitive. Only brushing is enough for finishing. The lubrication is also known as "button paste", where liquid gliding wax and fluorine button are fixed together at the base of the ski.

1. Rub fluoride paste on the clean base of the skis that have been cleaned with Glide Cleaner.
2. Apply liquid lube wax according to weather conditions on top of the fluoride paste as usual.
3. Allow to dry and brush to a smooth surface with a clean nylon brush. You can also rub with a natural cork before brushing.

General instructions for using Rex lube wax:
1. Melt the glide wax as a bar on the base of the ski as shown in the video. See the melting point on the back of the packaging.
2. Smooth out the slip wax in an even layer with gentle movements. Keep the iron in constant motion to avoid damage to your skis.
3. Scrape away excess slip wax with a sharp acrylic scraper. A common mistake is to scrape too little, which can cause the base to become "clogged".
4. Brush open the texture pattern of the base with a brass or natural brush. (When using black, green or blue wax, this must be done while the skis are still warm)
5. Let the skis cool down.
6. Do a final brushing with a nylon brush and wipe off the dust.

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