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    Grip Wax Line - Adhesive, 55 mL

    Grip Wax Line - Adhesive, 55 mL

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    Rex sticks
    The reliability of Rex adhesives is well known among competitive and recreational skiers. New and refreshed series of Rex adhesives are even more durable, and they always create a well-functioning ski for any condition.

    (1) Blue / -5...-30 °C
    For icy and hard tracks. Famous for its durability. In abrasive conditions can be used as a base wax for other adhesives and grip wax.

    (2) Purple / +10...-7 °C
    A durable adhesive for a wide temperature range. For coarse wet snow and coarse icy snow.

    (3) Red Special / +10...0 °C
    The new Red sticker is based on the successful Gold sticker. Developed in collaboration with the Finnish ski team. It is best in wet conditions, during a wet snowfall and in slush. Despite its softness, Red glue is durable and easy to apply.

    (4) Gold / +3...-7 °C
    A must-have product for coarse snow, man-made snow and glazed tracks around +3...-7°C. Tested and approved by all major XC World Championships!
    Although Gold Klister is a new product in our adhesive range, it already has a strong reputation.

    (6) Universal / +10..-30 °C
    The king of adhesives for all kinds of adhesive conditions. Despite its universal name, it is also widely used in running.

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