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    Grip Wax Line - Pro Grip Flour, 45g

    Grip Wax Line - Pro Grip Flour, 45g

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    A line of fluorinated grip waxes optimized for the demands of classic racing these days, which usually means either double polishing or aggressive "racing" uphill.
    Recommended for use in particularly wet and humid conditions when fluoride reduces icing and improves gliding properties.

    Pro Grip Green (5F to 18F)
    Coldest wax in the collection used in all snow conditions. Can be used as a cover for ProGrip Blue.

    Pro Grip Blue (18F to 28F)
    The legendary Rex blue spiced with a pinch of fluorine. Works in all conditions below zero.

    Pro Grip Violet (27F to 30F)
    The choice for mild frost. Best on wet snow. Makes a good cover for purple glue on rough snow.

    Pro Grip Red (32F to 34F)
    Rex's legendary "one on one". This is a unique wax for demanding conditions around 32F. Can be used as an alternative to adhesives with excellent anti-ice properties. One of Rex's most popular grip waxes. Makes a good combination with Universal adhesive.
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