Gullwinge Jacket (UB)
Gullwinge Jacket (UB)
Gullwinge Jacket (UB)
Gullwinge Jacket (UB)
Gullwinge Jacket (UB)
Gullwinge Jacket (UB)

Gullwinge Jacket (UB)

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Color:Port Royale Melange
Size:B) 98 - 104


Norske Tufte Wear makes the best outdoor clothing for children aged 3-14. The clothes are classic in expression, and sustainably produced from natural materials. Here you get clothes where there is room for movement, soil and coziness.

The Gullvinge set consists of both a jacket and a pair of trousers. Here it is the jacket/sweater in the bordeaux-like color they call Port Royal.

Gullvinge Pants are in the softest "wool fleece" which consists of heavily woven merino wool. There are wear patches on the knees in an organic, strong cotton, so you don't have to be afraid to use the clothes outdoors. The clothes are durable, and because we only work with fine wool, you can often just air the clothes clean.

The Gullvinge clothing from Tufte is fantastic especially in spring and autumn as an outer layer, while in very cold periods you can use it under the rainwear or flight suit for the little ones.

The clothes are suitable for ages 3-14 and are therefore quite common in size.

You can see the trousers for the jacket here .

- Materials: Wool Fleece ->100% merino wool in strong weave. 100% scratch-free.

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