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    High5 - EnergyGel

    High5 - EnergyGel

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    Energy Gel is a fruity burst of energy to fuel your muscles during exercise. Make it an ideal product to boost energy during your workout!

    Have you ever hit the wall during exercise? HIGH5 can help! Staying fired up is easier said than done - it's not exactly the first thing on your mind when you're pushing hard. But as your energy decreases, so does your power.

    Energy gels replenish your depleted carbohydrate stores during your training, and Energy Gel is an easily digestible scientifically formulated multi-carbohydrate energy gel that keeps you energized during training.

    Available in six tasty flavors, Energy Gel is the tasty way to boost your energy!

    A multi-carbohydrate blend for energy
    23g carbohydrate per gel
    Soft, light taste with real juice taste
    No lumps
    Easy to carry when running or cycling
    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
    Energy Gel is designed to be taken BEFORE and DURING exercise.

    Think about the environment and keep the landscape clean by taking your empty gel wrappers with you after use.

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