Kinesio Tex Gold FP
Kinesio Tex Gold FP
Kinesio Tex Gold FP
Kinesio Tex Gold FP
Kinesio Tex Gold FP
Kinesio Tex Gold FP
Kinesio Tex Gold FP
Kinesio Tex Gold FP

Kinesio Tex Gold FP

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Developed exclusively for Kinesio Medical Professionals. Dr. Kenzo Kase and Kinesio bring you Kinesio® Tex Gold FP. Backed by research and development since the early 1970s, Kinesio continues to make advances in technology that continue the revolution and fulfill the original vision; Taping the World for Health. The famous wave pattern provides improved and patented Fingerprint [FP] technology and a patented Nano Touch stimulation to the epidermis and superficial layers of the skin. Kinesio® Tex Gold FP mimics a gentle human touch while providing a Micro-Grip™ deep-seated adhesive applied during the manufacturing process, resulting in improved grip and hold with less adhesive surface area.

Highest quality cotton with improved breathability
Hypoallergenic and latex-free
Targets the epidermis, dermis and fascia
Protected weaving process provides improved comfort
Patented technology
For optimal results apply between 0 – 25% voltage
Recommended for EDF™ tape applications for pain management and edema
Made in USA
What's inside

1 roll of uncut kinesio tex tape.
Size: 2in W x 5m L
Can be cut and customized for any tape application.

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