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Material 160 g Merino wool
Type Sleeve length
Sex Children
Season All year

Merino wool

comes from specially bred sheep that live in cold and wet areas such as New Zealand and Australia. In this harsh environment, the sheep produce natural fibers that humans cannot produce themselves. Fortunately, however, we can process these fibers. These fibers are much finer than traditional wool. Merino wool is silky soft, has a higher insulating capacity and is more breathable. Underwear made from long fibers of very fine merino wool gives the user comfort and softness. Each fiber is wavy and elastic, which gives high durability and long life to the fabric. Thanks to the elasticity of the fibers, woolen clothes do not wrinkle. Wool fibers are very hydrophilic and have a high absorption capacity. Wool does not melt or burn, and it also provides high protection against UV radiation. The production is environmentally friendly and based on the principles of renewable resources.

Insulation and temperature regulation

Merino wool fabric insulates extremely well. The fiber has a very curled structure, which creates millions of small air holes that take care of insulating the body heat. Merino wool works in accordance with body temperature and body thermoregulation. It regulates body temperature by absorbing and releasing moisture. This ensures that your body has the same temperature even when the intensity of movement changes. When it is cold and damp, the merino fiber absorbs this moisture and creates so-called sorption heat. In a warm environment, merino wool regulates the temperature through the process of "evaporative cooling". This is the same as the one our body uses - it releases sweat to cool down.

Odor control

Merino wool has a natural resistance to the growth of microbes and has the ability to repel odors. You can wear merino wool for many days without a trace of smell. The reason is the combination of wool's extraordinary ability to absorb moisture and the heterogeneity of the fibers with a very rough surface. The smell is caused by bacteria that prefer an unprotected surface with flat walls, therefore bacteria thrive in synthetic fabrics, but not in natural ones.

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