M 10.0 EPS

M 10.0 EPS

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The Marker M 10.0 EPS Binding is a great choice for beginners, advanced and or light skiers who want a solid binding that isn't too heavy and won't drain your wallet. Too often skiers choose bindings that are unnecessarily heavy with a high DIN range. However, the 2-10 DIN series of the Marker M 10.0 EPS offers good performance for skiers who do not require high retention settings, giving it a good range of applicable users. Beginner skiers will benefit from the light overall weight and the ability to have relatively easy release settings from your bindings.

As skiers progress, or for intermediate skiers, more aggressive kids, the maximum 10 DIN provides plenty of strength and hold. This binding is built using a lot of progressive technology despite the low price. The TLT toe piece is lightweight and offers full lateral and rear release, while the compact heel piece offers similarly impressive performance in a very lightweight design. We also love the muted, neutral color scheme of the Marker M 10.0 EPS Binding. It's easy to match with any ski and won't clash colors with almost anything. It really is a great binding for the price and any beginner, intermediate or lightweight skier should seriously consider this binding before jumping up to a heavier, higher DIN range and more expensive option.

TLT Two Linkage Toe Piece Design
Compact heel piece
DIN range: 2-10
ISO 5355 Alpine DIN certified
80 mm brake
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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