MTM Predator Shooting Bench

MTM Predator Shooting Bench

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MTM Predator shooting bench in the known quality.

Very good facility for rifle or pistol.
This model is perfect for transport and insertion.

  • Very easy to adjust
  • Strong quality
  • Very stable
  • low weight

A versatile shooting bench

The Predator shooting bench is incredibly robust and stands extremely stable, which provides perfect support for even heavy firearms. It is equally suitable for rifles as handguns, has a modest weight of just 1.58 kg. and is fully adjustable. The shooting bench can be easily adjusted to even very uneven terrain, and the length can also be easily adjusted according to which weapon you bring to the range. The molded rubber pads protect your weapon during use.

Incredibly easy to adjust length and height

The length can be adjusted from 55.8 cm all the way up to 66.6 cm. The shooting support can also be adjusted in height, which gives an even more precise aim. The advanced design of the Predator's front rubber pad provides perfect contact with the firearm regardless of type and shape. If you are looking for a stable shooting bench at a really good price, the Predator bench is a really good bet.

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