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    Olivin 2 Combi

    Olivin 2 Combi

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    Like our other Tentipi® tent models, Olivin has an elaborate and smart construction. Several smart functions are taken from our larger Nordic teepees. Olivin 2 is more durable than a two-person tent, where low weight is the priority. The lightweight model of only 1.9 kg makes it the perfect hiking tent. The heavier cotton/polyester model is loved by bushcrafters because of the possibility of having a fire inside the tent and the earthy look of the fabric.

    Space to sleep two people plus dog; four people can sit and enjoy themselves
    All storage inside the tent
    Easy adjustment of the vent hood, even from the sleeping bag, thanks to our In-Tent Vent™ ventilation system
    Storm cords with reflective threads woven into the cords; connected and provided with holders that prevent cords from tangling
    Built-in and retractable snow flap, which makes the tent suitable for use in all seasons
    Better drainage of condensation on the tent walls compared to other types of tents thanks to the slope of the walls; drops that may fall off are caught by our impregnated inner tent (included in the Combi but can also be purchased separately)
    No bows to break; easy replacement or repair of the center bar with material from nature
    Straps instead of strings to stretch the tent
    Microwave chimney exit through opened fan hood (applies to Olivin light without inner tent); special fan hood with chimney opening that comes with Olivin cp
    Well-ventilated inner tent (applies to Combi) that is pitched together with the outer tent; can also be used separately, for example when insect protection is the main priority
    Large ventilation openings with mosquito netting in the inner tent for better natural ventilation
    Robust floor material (applies to Combi) that stops soil moisture; an inner tent with integrated floor

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