PhonePad Quad Mini
PhonePad Quad Mini
PhonePad Quad Mini
PhonePad Quad Mini
PhonePad Quad Mini
PhonePad Quad Mini

PhonePad Quad Mini

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Universal rotating smartphone holder - adapter attachment
The smartphone is held securely on a large and shock-absorbing cushion. Controls and charging ports on the smartphone remain freely accessible, and the camera is not covered.

+ Suitable for smartphone models up to 9x16 cm max.
+ Solid adapter mounting on longitudinal and transverse pipes Ø 15-60mm
+ Fast pickup and click with one hand
+ Can be rotated 360°, easy change from portrait to landscape format
+ Includes black cover for the tensioner belt

The bag is simply clicked onto the handlebars or stem using the KLICKfix Quad Mini Adapter, and the integrated swivel allows for a quick change from portrait to landscape format.

Unifit assembly: patented fastening of the adapter with a stainless steel strip for round and non-round cross-sections

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