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Power Strap 1.0 (U)

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ONE SIZE FITS ALL! A unique and innovative solution that allows you to easily adjust the size with a steering wheel. The combination of material selection and construction minimizes the power loss between the steering belt and the rod. The locking mechanism comes from BOA technology.

A new innovation on the insert market, where the steering belt is adjusted with a locking system from BOA technology. You'll never have to adjust your belt or worry about opening it because of a bad Velcro. You have a precise lock with small adjustment steps that allow you to adapt the Power Strap to your hand just the way you want it. The materials have been carefully selected to minimize the risk of rubbing and to ensure that the Power Strap fits the hand as well as possible.

To adapt the strap to your hand, you have the option of cutting away parts of a rubber cuff, which SKIGO has marked with S, M and L to guide you to the correct adjustment.

Fits the following SKIGO poles:
• Fits all SKIGO rods except Touring Rod
• Fits all bars with "wedge lock" for the function strap.

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