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Probe Access 240 V2

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The best-selling in the series, the ACCESS 240 probe is practical and reliable.

Equipped with the FLASH LOCK locking system, the ACCESS 240 probe is reliable, lightweight and will work for most off-piste and backcountry enthusiasts. The cone inserts at the end of each tube segment and the pull handle make deployment of this probe quick and easy in emergency situations.

2.40m probe when fully deployed, 6 segments 40cm long
11 mm diameter tube
Strong and durable 7075 aluminum tubing
Ultralight polyamide tension cord
FLASH LOCK locking system uses a fast and efficient knot to lock your probe when it is deployed
The pull handle makes it easy to deploy and tighten the probe and conveniently clicks onto the main tube
Cone inserts make it easy to assemble the pipe segments
Precise markings on the probe indicate the snow depth
Wallet with printed step-by-step avalanche rescue instructions

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