Prodigy 0 Grom
Prodigy 0 Grom
Prodigy 0 Grom
Prodigy 0 Grom

Prodigy 0 Grom

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Color:L C5 GW J85
Size:103 cm


Junior skiers who love freestyle will love the Faction Prodigy 0 Grom for its mix of a streamlined black topsheet covered in eye-catching colors. The twin-tip design, light polyfly core and soft rocker make the ski playful and easy to switch between turns. This freestyle junior ski features XL 2.5mm edges, anti-chip micro-cap technology, metal tip protectors and a high resistance topsheet to keep the ski durable from all scratches and impacts. The ski comes with the included C5 GW rail binding, the perfect match for junior skiers thanks to its easy adjustability and favorable DIN range (0.5 - 4.5).

You will love this ski if:

- You are a promising ripper looking for the ultimate freestyle starter ski.
- You want a feathered ski to do spins and tricks.
- You want a light ride, designed specifically to avoid hooking your edges.
- You want a strong ski that stands up to the inevitable bumps and dents.

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