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Raven Ice Axe

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Our modern take on Chouinard's original curved mountain axe, the Black Diamond Raven Ice Ax is a classic mountaineering ax that has been used on classic climbs worldwide for decades. Now redesigned, the Raven is lighter and features an updated, investment cast, stainless steel head that is ergonomically enhanced for increased comfort while walking. The updated pick and adze geometry allows for safer placements and efficient chopping, and the revamped tip adds better bite on the icy placements with improved diving ability. The durable aircraft-grade aluminum shaft is also enhanced with a trapezoidal cross-section for a more comfortable, better grip.

Raven Ice Ax features

  • Durable, trapezoidal cross-section, aircraft-grade aluminum shaft
  • Investment cast head in one piece of stainless steel with a large hole for a carabiner
  • Picks curve and teeth designed for secure self-arrest
  • CEN-B certified

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