Rottefella Xcelerator Pro Classic

Rottefella Xcelerator Pro Classic

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Xcelerator Pro Classic is Rottefella's top model and is adapted to Rottefella Move™. It is designed to help you go better and faster and give you more skiing pleasure. The wide binding housing provides optimal power transfer from boots to snow and good balance in every kick-off. The Xcelerator Pro Classic is equipped with integrated QuickLock™, which means that the binding can be easily and without the use of tools set in the desired position and moved forward for better grip or backwards for better gliding.

In combination with the Move™ Switch, you can easily and without removing the skis move the binding forwards for better grip and backwards for better gliding. The Xcelerator Pro Classic was Gold Winner at ISPO 2016 for best innovation in cross-country skiing.

Move the binding forward for better grip and backward for better glide.
Wider for increased stability
Perfect for team skiing
Custom Rottefella Move™ Switch for NIS 2.0 and NIS 1.0 mounting plate (not included)
Length: 221 mm
Width: 57.7 mm
Shoe size: 36-52
Weight: 191 g

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