Shred Monocle (UV)
Shred Monocle (UV)
Shred Monocle (UV)
Shred Monocle (UV)

Shred Monocle (UV)

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Are you looking for a versatile ski and snowboard goggle that is extremely flexible and durable while offering a retro look, an unobstructed field of vision, the ability to see details on the snow in all conditions, and exceptional comfort and fit? If so, look no further than SHRED. Monocle. To truly transform how you experience the mountains, its CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS™ (CBL) and NODISTORTION™ technology (available on select models) improves contrast and image definition, while SHRED.wide™ maximizes the field of view.

Inside the box | 1 pair of SHRED. Monocle Goggles | 1 QUIET. goggle soft case.

SHRED.wide™ | Glasses designed and engineered to maximize your field of vision.
BUSY. CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS™ | Improves image contrast and definition for all weather and lighting conditions.*
BUSY. NODISTORTION™ | Pressure control valve technology provides crystal clear vision during elevation changes.*
*Available in selected models

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