SPINE Combi 268 (NNN) - pikkorisport
SPINE Combi 268 (NNN) - pikkorisport
SPINE Combi 268 (NNN) - pikkorisport
SPINE Combi 268 (NNN) - pikkorisport
SPINE Combi 268 (NNN) - pikkorisport
SPINE Combi 268 (NNN) - pikkorisport

SPINE Combi 268 (NNN)

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The Concept Combi boots are ideal for skaters who want a single pair of boots for both classic techniques and skate techniques. You can easily switch from classic to skate skis without having to change boots. These boots can also be used as a very stable classic ski boot for those looking for extra ankle support during diagonal steps or for difficult descents. Comes with reliable lacing that fixes the foot in place, as well as a closing flap with zip and velcro, which protects against water or snow entering. SPINE NNN Combi (268) is made in a bright and memorable style, from high-tech, high-quality materials. Both inside and out, from protection and insulation against the cold, and for comfort and reliability. The internal construction of the boot in the boot is designed to last. The composite insole is removable for faster drying between workouts.

Built on a Spine proprietary thermoplastic NNN outsole for NNN or 'Salomon Prolink' bindings. Provides better tread when going off-ski (e.g. in parking lots, etc...)
Outsole is resistant to cracking in cold weather with a medium flex, perfect for either skate skiing or diagonal steps.
Lace cover with high zip for extra warmth and comfort
Semi-rigid cuff with velcro for extra stability when on skate skis
Outer high quality synthetic material with PU coating
Cuff - elastic thermoplastic polyurethane
Insulation - caprovelure liner

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