Spiral lock 1500x8mm Medium BikePrtnr

Spiral lock 1500x8mm Medium BikePrtnr

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The Bike Partner spiral lock with key is 10 mm thick and 180 cm long. It is a solid spiral lock with 2 keys. Good for the bicycle, scooter or pram and the like. A holder is included so you can place it on the bike's frame.

With this spiral lock from Bike Atittude, you can lock your bike around a tree, bike rack or lamp post in no time. The lock makes it more difficult for any bike thieves to run off with your bike. The lock opens and closes easily with a key, and is easy to operate even for small children. The weight is down to 240 grams.

This spiral lock from Bike Attitude is ideal for adult and children's bikes, strollers, balance bikes and other items that you want to lock. The chain is easy to use and therefore suitable for smaller children. Please note that the lock is not insurance approved.


  • Colour Black
  • 2 pcs. keys
  • Diameter: 8 mm
  • Length: 1500 mm
  • Weight: 240 grams
  • Easy operation

Safety and quality
The Bike Attitude bicycle lock is 150 cm long and incredibly easy to use. The length of the wire lock helps to make operating the lock incredibly easy. The surface of the spiral lock consists of a smooth rubber material, which ensures that the bike is not scratched.

You should lubricate the lock at regular intervals. With optimal maintenance, the lock will achieve the longest possible lifespan. It is very individual how often the lock needs to be lubricated with lock oil. The lubrication depends on how much the lock is used and in what kind of weather. However, we recommend that you lubricate the bicycle lock at least twice a year. Always use a locking oil that has been manufactured for this very purpose.

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