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Travi (M)

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The full leather Travi Yak is a high-quality, lightweight hiking shoe that's right at home on moderate hikes through the lower reaches. It is made of 100% yak leather from Mongolian herds. Due to the harsh conditions these animals live in, yak leather develops a denser, more fibrous grain and is therefore more robust than conventional cowhide. Each piece of yak leather has a unique and distinctive grain pattern that is evident on the outside of the shoe. But in addition to robustness and individual style, the focus here is exclusively on comfort. And it's down to nature. The advantage of using this exclusive leather is that it not only makes the boot exceptionally good at keeping its shape, it is also extremely comfortable. The naturally breathable performance of this material creates a comfortable foot climate that allows moisture to escape and for the foot to 'breathe'. And since the leather lining adapts to the contours of the foot, the fit only gets better with time. The leather used to manufacture this model complies with the strict 'Gold Standard' of the Leather Working Group, a multi-stakeholder non-profit organization responsible for environmental certification for the leather manufacturing industry. The overall combination of sporty 'Endurance Hike' outsole, robust yak hide and unique appearance make it an attractive choice for relaxing and comfortable nature walks.

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