VP70 Pro Yellow 0_C/3

VP70 Pro Yellow 0_C/3

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For new and newly fallen fine-grained snow from 0°C to 3°C (32°F to 38°F). Old/partly transformed snow from 2°C to -1°C (36°F to 30°F). Yellow sticky wax designed for moist and beginning wet, new snow. Can also be used in moderately transformed snow until just below the freezing point. If you experience very wet, new snow or coarse transformed snow adhesive is recommended. The wax contains a new additive designed to impart maximum lubricity. This improves the stick-slip properties of the wax and gives an excellent feeling. Apply each layer thinly – then smooth the surface with a synthetic cork (T12). Applying the wax when it is cold will ease the application process. The VP-line is primarily designed for racers and ambitious non-racing individuals, but can also be used by recreational skiers who want the optimum skiing experience.

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Cross Country Skiing

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