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Wave XL
Wave mattresses consist of two separate air chambers, lower and upper. Thanks to this, the pressure in the individual chambers can be regulated separately.

A common argument against purely inflatable mats is that when deflated, the user sleeps on the ground. Thanks to two separate chambers, this danger is greatly reduced, because if one chamber is punctured, the other will save you.

The division of the mat into two layers also makes a significant contribution to increasing thermal insulation and thus user comfort in colder weather.

The mat comes with an inflatable bag which reduces the amount of "fluffy" moisture into the mat to a minimum. The bag is equipped with two valves so that both chambers in the mat can be inflated at the same time. You connect the bag's valves to the mat's valves, "scoop" air into the bag, roll it up to close it, and then press on it to move the air into the mat. In this way, the mattress can be comfortably inflated to at least 80% of its volume.

To achieve the optimal final pressure, we recommend holding the valves or blowing through the mouth due to the increased pressure inside the mat.

The inflatable bag can also be used as a Drybag and is compatible with all Pinguin mats equipped with a DLF - flat double layer valve.

Penguin Wave mat

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