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Whiteroom (Splitboard)

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Color:Rome Snowboards
Size:162 CM


Resort riding is great, but snowboarding is expanding more and more away from the crowds and patrolled control of lift terrain. Our Whiteroom is built on a design package that optimizes float and powder cut, with the power to break a lip and throw clouds. It's a profile that allows you to ride powder as aggressively and as responsively as you ride resort terrain on your favorite freeride board.

Pulver S
Design: positive camber from the tail, through the middle of the body and halfway through the nose. In the front part of the nose we integrate rocker.

Defining feel: found in our split boards, this camber is designed for both float and slash. When we shine up powder, we want to glide through it effortlessly, whether it's dense or light. And we also want to explode massive face shots when we find deep pockets. The tip of the nose gives the flow we want; the positive camber in the center and tail provides the power we need.

For those all-mountain and powder riders with a strong freeride perspective, our directional shapes feature noses that are longer than tails and flex patterns with more stiffness in the tail. For some of these shapes we also incorporate tapers in the tail so that the nose is wider than the tail. Many times we match some of our directional cambers like free-the-ride or powder cambers with these directional shapes. There is no twin about the shape of the flex of these designs.

Airpop core matrix
Starting with the responsive "pop" of poplar laminates, we integrate five zones of ultra-light, low-density wood to reduce weight. Then we add air ducts to make it even easier.

Hot rod technology
Every board needs added pop
We mill channels into the cores of almost every board we make and integrate thin carbon, glass and bamboo rods for more pop and more power. As with turborod technology, we place hotrods in the plates to deliver power to specific areas.

Sinterspeed base
Speed ​​matters whether you want to slide smoothly through powder or make sure you can handle the knuckle. For our high end boards, this is the base that ensures you get to the line first and you land in the sweet spot.

45/90 hybrid laminate
New for this year in national and marshall, this laminate drives an all-mountain freestyle feel by combining the high response of 45 degree fibers with 90 degree fibers that let riders feel and finesse the terrain.

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