Wooden Cup w/Rope
Wooden Cup w/Rope
Wooden Cup w/Rope
Wooden Cup w/Rope
Wooden Cup w/Rope
Wooden Cup w/Rope
Wooden Cup w/Rope
Wooden Cup w/Rope

Wooden Cup w/Rope

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Color:Greenland Map


True Nordic outdoor life
A classic Scandinavian wooden cup will go a long way.

It doesn't weigh much, doesn't melt if you put it a little too close to the fire and most importantly - it can be kept on in both hard frost and with hot contents. On a winter trip, you'll be glad that your lips don't freeze to the edge.

It is during the breaks and around the fire that:
... the essence of the trip and the experiences sink in. Breaks are important! 5 minutes to breathe out, rest your feet and fill up your energy stores is a really good investment - instead of driving too hard so that the whole thing becomes tedious.

The wooden cup is designed so that it fits well in the hand - it actually grows almost firmly.

It comes with a leather cord so it can be easily hung on the bag and be accessible when you stand with your feet in a delicious clear meltwater river. It is also suitable for tea, coffee and a quick cup of soup.

Material: Oiled rubber wood & leather
Weight: 116 grams
Volume: 1.2 dl
Dimensions: 16 x 8.4 cm
Height: 4.5 cm
Fits equally well in the right and left hand
Care: Hand wash without soap. Oil with cooking oil or beeswax when the wood needs it.

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